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The Taking of Pelham 123

The Taking of Pelham 123 – Review

New York Subway worker Walter (Washington) has spent years working his way up the ladder and reached a managerial role, but allegations against him have seen him bumped back down to work on the de... Read On

In The Loop

In The Loop – Review

It’s another day at the office for Downing Street Communications Director Alistair Campbell – erm, no, sorry -- Malcolm Tucker (Capaldi), listening to recordings of radio interviews with top ministe... Read On

The Orphanage: El Orfanato

The Orphanage: El Orfanato – Review

Laura (Rueda), her husband Carlos (Cayo) and their son Simón (Príncep) have just moved into a new home – a remote, creepy mansion, which in a previous life, was the orphanage where she grew up. Simó... Read On

Planet Terror

Planet Terror – Review

Pole-dancer Cherry (McGowan) quits her job and finds herself in a run-down barbecue shack where ex boyfriend El Wray (Freddy Rodriguez) turns up out of the blue. Meanwhile, at an army base up the ro... Read On

The King

The King – Review

David Sandow (Hurt) is the preacher of an evangelistic small-town church. His children play an active role in the community – his son’s band plays Christian rock as part of their weekly services. T... Read On


Prime – Review

Rafi (Thurman) has just got divorced. Her therapist Lisa (Streep) is doing her best to keep her spirits up. It’s not long before Rafi meets a new man – a younger man – a much younger man, David (... Read On

Broken Flowers

Broken Flowers – Review

Don (Murray) is an introverted IT millionaire, contemplating the unexpected departure of his young French girlfriend, Sherry (Delpy). His attention is diverted by an unsigned, pink letter in the pos... Read On

Skeleton Key – Review

Set deep in the south, near New Orleans, hospice worker Caroline Ellis (Hudson) takes on the job of live-in caretaker for the elderly owner (Hurt) of an isolated plantation house who has suffered a ... Read On

Fantastic Four – Review

Dr Reed Richards (Gruffudd) leads a crew into space to study a storm. Following a powerful encounter with cosmic rays the scientist along with his team and his benefactor, Victor Von Doom (McMahon),... Read On

Guess Who – Review

Simon (Kutcher) and Theresa (Saldaña) want to announce their engagement at her parents' 25th anniversary party. But she's omitted to tell them one thing: when, on meeting Simon, they see that he'... Read On

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