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Under the Skin – Review

Under the Skin – Review

Director: Jonathan Glazer - Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Paul Brannigan, Krystof Hádek, Scott Dymond, Michael Moreland, Jeremy McWilliams, Steve Keys, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Jessica Mance... Read On


Rampart – Review

Dave (Woody Harrelson) is one of those dirty police officers that exist only in the movies and on TV - or at least you'd hope so. He lives a rather peculiar commune-like lifestyle with his two e... Read On

One Day

One Day – Review

It’s the 15th of July, 2006 and Emma (Anne Hathaway) is riding her bike through London. We flash back 18 years to the day and by seeing what happens in her life on this date in each interim year,... Read On

The Devils Double

The Devil’s Double – Review

Director: Lee Tamahori - Starring: Dominic Cooper, Jamie Harding, Latif Yahia, Ludivine Sagnier, Mem Ferda, Philip Quast, Raad Rawi... Read On

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached – Review

Several years after Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) met at a summer school, they bump into each other again at a university party. By now, he has a girlfriend, but an attraction b... Read On

Black Swan

Black Swan – Review

When renowned and domineering ballet choreographer Thomas (Vincent Cassel) is casting his controversially original version of Swan Lake, the claws come out among all the ballerinas in the company.... Read On

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 – Review

Andy’s toys have been confined to a chest in the corner of his bedroom for years. They’re frustrated that since he’s reached his teens, they’ve hardly been played with – nothing could be worse for... Read On


Pandorum – Review

Hundreds of years into the future, two crew members of a space flight awake, with no idea who they are, where they are, or where everyone else has got to. Middle aged Payton (Quaid) and twenty-somet... Read On

12 Rounds

12 Rounds – Review

Evil Irish arms dealer Miles Jackson (Gillen) is caught by rookie cop Danny Fisher (Cena), who’s promoted to Detective for his troubles. During the violent stand-off, Jackson’s girlfriend is hit by ... Read On

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Review

This is the prequel to the three X-Men movies which explains Wolverine’s origins. Logan (Jackman) and his brother Victor (Schreiber) join Team X, a covert military unit comprised of mutants headed b... Read On

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