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Fifty Dead Men Walking

Fifty Dead Men Walking – Review

Martin (Sturgess) is a charming, teenaged trouble-maker, selling stolen designer clothes from a suitcase, door-to-door, on his run-down catholic estate in west Belfast, in the early 1980s. He’s neve... Read On

Libero  Anche Libero Va Bene

Libero Anche Libero Va Bene – Review

Renato (Stuart) is a single father, struggling to get on with his career as a film cameraman, while bringing up his eleven year old son Tommi (Morace) and his teenaged sister Viola (Nobili) in their... Read On

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Before the Devil Knows Youre Dead

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – Review

Brothers Andy (Hoffman) and Hank (Hawke) have fallen on hard times. Andy’s struggling at work and Hank’s come through a messy divorce and his ungrateful ex-wife is constantly demanding money for ... Read On

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We Own The Night

We Own The Night – Review

In late 1980s New York, Bobby Green (Phoenix) runs one of Brooklyn’s leading nightclubs for a rather unscrupulous Russian businessman. Everything’s going well for him – he has a beautiful girlfrie... Read On

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300 – Review

How many Spartans does it take to hold a quarter of a million Persians at bay? 300 apparently, or at least, that’s as many as King Leonidas (Butler) can get away with taking with him, without permis... Read On

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