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Blindness – Review

When a Japanese man suddenly goes blind at the traffic lights, a kindly passer-by helps him home, before speeding off in his car. The Japanese man goes to see an ophthalmologist (Ruffalo) who has no... Read On

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In the Valley of Elah

In the Valley of Elah – Review

Lifelong military man Hank (Jones) is expecting his son Mike to be returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, but the call he gets from the army base is not the one he was hoping for: Mike has gone AWOL... Read On

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Mr Brooks

Mr Brooks – Review

Earl Brooks (Costner) is a highly successful, well respected businessman and family man. Like many men in his position, he has a bit of an addiction – but it’s not drink, drugs or gambling. Earl Bro... Read On

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Molière – Review

Seventeenth century humorist Molière (Duris) has been taking his theatre troupe around the country, putting on comedy shows, but what he really wants to do is serious drama. When the king offers him... Read On

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Hannibal Rising

Hannibal Rising – Review

Since Manhunter in 1986, we've known about Hannibal (The Cannibal) Lecter. In this prequel, we find out how the monster was created. At the tail end of World War Two, as a young boy, he and his you... Read On

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Volver – Review

Every now and then, Raimunda (Cruz) returns to the village where she grew up to tend the grave of her mother, Irene (Maura). Taking her daughter Paula (Cobo) and her sister Sole (Dueñas), while they... Read On

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Stealth – Review

Stealth – Review

US Navy pilots Ben Gannon (Lucas), Kara Wade (Biel) and Henry Purcell (Foxx) are part of a close knit crack division of test pilots who fly highly classified stealth fighter jets. They are the crème... Read On

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Machuca – Review

Against the backdrop of the political upheaval, which saw Pinochet take over Chile, eleven year old Gonzalo (Quer) is going through upheaval in his own life. When the priest who runs the private sch... Read On

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