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Kingsman: The Secret Service – Review

Kingsman: The Secret Service – Review

Director: Matthew Vaughn - Starring: Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Caine, Mark Strong, Sofia Boutella, Sophie Cookson, Edward Holcroft, Tom Prior, Samantha Womack, Geoff Bell, Mark Hamill, Jack Davenport, Hanna Alström, Bjørn Floberg... Read On

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – Review

It's 1891 and tensions are growing in Europe; bombs have been going off in France and Germany and a peace conference has been called in Switzerland, to try to avert war. Meanwhile, there've bee... Read On

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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights – Review

On a trip to Liverpool, the Yorkshire farm owner Mr Earnshaw (Paul Hilton) finds a young black boy (Solomon Glave) sleeping rough. He takes him back to his home, Wuthering Heights, adopts him into... Read On

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Machine Gun Preacher

Machine Gun Preacher – Review

Trailer-trash Hell's Angel Sam (Gerard Butler) comes out of jail and is shocked and angry to find that his wife Lynn (Michelle Monaghan) has found God and given up stripping in favour of a low-pa... Read On

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Hereafter – Review

Leading French TV journalist Marie (Cécile De France) almost comes a cropper in the Boxing Day tsunami, during a holiday in Thailand. Back home in Paris, she’s suffering a severe case of post trau... Read On

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The Secret in Their Eyes

The Secret in Their Eyes – Review

In 1974, a young woman is brutally raped and murdered in her home. As Benjamin (Ricardo Darin) attempts to solve the case, he is struck by the subsequent mental devastation that befell the victim’... Read On

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W. – Review

It's about the rise of a hopelessly failing student, a womaniser and drunken, boisterous George W. Bush (Brolin) to the presidency of the United States of America. We see him first in a metal ... Read On

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Paris – Review

Parisian dancer Pierre (Duris) gives up work when he's diagnosed with a terminal heart condition, curable only by a transplant, which itself would have only a 60 chance of success. His sister Élise... Read On

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Knocked Up

Knocked Up – Review

When Alison (Heigl) is promoted from runner to presenter of an entertainment TV show, she takes her married sister Debbie (Mann) to a club to celebrate. After a drink too many, she finds herself ... Read On

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Die Hard 4.0

Die Hard 4.0 – Review

New York cop John McClane (Willis) has had yet another falling out with his cantankerous estranged teenaged daughter Lucy (Winstead). While driving around on the night shift to try to cool off, he g... Read On

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