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World Trade Center

World Trade Center – Review

New York Port Authority cops McLoughlin (Cage) and Jimeno (Peña) kiss their families goodbye and head into work, just like any other morning – only this isn’t like any other morning. It’s September ... Read On

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Breakfast On Pluto

Breakfast On Pluto – Review

From the moment he was abandoned on the local priest’s (Neeson) doorstep as a newborn baby, Patrick’s (Murphy) live was never going to be easy. An early fascination with women’s clothes leads to ... Read On

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The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener – Review

Career diplomat Justin (Fiennes) falls for a mouthy anti-capitalist campaigner Tessa (Weisz), when she heckles him during a speech. They’re soon married, and she follows him on a placement to Ken... Read On

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