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Archives / Running Times / 77 mins

Panique au Village: A Town Called Panic

Panique au Village: A Town Called Panic – Review

In a world where everyone and everything is the kind of child’s toy that are supported by little plastic base plates, Cheval – who anyone who can recall their schoolboy French will work out is a h... Read On

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Cherry Tree Lane

Cherry Tree Lane – Review

Mike (Tom Butcher) and Christine (Rachael Blake) are a typical middle-class couple in their forties, having a typical marital tiff about their typically boring lives. As they push their din... Read On

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Them – Review

French couple Lucas (Cohen) and Clementine (Bonamy) head to a remote Romanian house for a quiet break, to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Soon after they arrive, while they’re settling ... Read On

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Tim Burtons Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride – Review

Victor’s (Depp)’s social-climbing parents are trying to marry him off to the Victoria (Watson), the daughter of the aristocratic Everglots. But unbeknown to Victor’s parents, the Everglots have fall... Read On

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