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Archives / Running Times / 84 mins


Kicks – Review

Teenaged Jasmine’s (Nichola Burley) nouveau riche Dad has moved the family to a posh part of Liverpool. She doesn’t know many people yet, so she soon befriends Nicole (Kerrie Hayes), hanging arou... Read On

The Children

The Children – Review

Elaine (Birthwistle) takes her husband Jonah (Campbell Moore), two young kids and teenaged daughter from a previous marriage Casey (Tointon) to her sister Chloe's (Shelley) beautiful country home, ... Read On

Water Lilies: Naissance des Pieuvres

Water Lilies: Naissance des Pieuvres – Review

Fifteen year old Marie (Acquart) is the shy, class misfit at school – she’s only really got one friend, the slightly overweight and frumpy Anne (Blachère). All Anne ever talks about is trying to sle... Read On


Cloverfield – Review

Rob (Stahl-David) is thrown a surprise leaving party before he heads off to Japan for a new job. Rob's brother Jason (Vogel) is given a cheap video camera to film the party and record good-luck gre... Read On

Borat – Review

In this documentary style movie, Sacha Baron Cohen's creation, spoof Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev, leaves his Kazakh village, after a huge send off, to go to the US and A (as he calls it) to le... Read On

Churchill: The Hollywood Years – Review

In his finest hour Winston Churchill (Slater) is a young foul mouthed, gun toting American GI who tries to defeat Hitler’s plan to convince King George (Enfield) to join the war against the U.S. Alo... Read On