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Project X

Project X – Review

To mark his seventeenth birthday, Tom's (Thomas Mann) parents go away for the weekend and trust him to hold a modest party in their house, for a small group of friends. "How much trouble could ... Read On

Red State

Red State – Review

Deep in the heart of America’s bible belt, three teenagers accept the offer of a foursome from a woman one of them, Jarod (Kyle Gallner) has met online. They turn up at her remote caravan, accept... Read On

Attack the Block

Attack the Block – Review

Sam (Jodie Whittaker) is mugged at knifepoint by a gang, on her way home to her flat on a Brixton housing estate. More stunned than battered, she stumbles back with the help of an elderly neighbou... Read On

Date Night

Date Night – Review

Phil (Carell) and Claire (Fey) are a typical suburban couple, just about managing to keep their head above water as they struggle to get their kids to school on time and to bed on time. But howev... Read On


Armored – Review

Iraq War Hero Ty (Short) is easing his way back into civvy street, with a tearaway young brother to look after on very little money. His godfather Cochrane (Dillon) gets him a job as a sec... Read On

Paper Heart

Paper Heart – Review

Twenty something American comedienne Charlyne Yi sets out on a voyage across America to try to discover the meaning of love. She’s convinced that she’s never been in it, felt it or had anything else... Read On


Zombieland – Review

A virus has broken loose and America is no longer the land of dreams, but the land of nightmares. With every human as far as the eye can see having lost all power of thought and developed an insatia... Read On

French Film

French Film – Review

Cheryl (Hamilton) and Jed (Bonneville) have been living with each other for years. They’ve got used to it, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to both of them when they realise that the relationship ... Read On


Sleuth – Review

The film opens with actor Milo Tindle (Law) arriving at the impressive residence of famed writer Andrew Wyke (Caine). Tindle has no interest in the novelist – he hasn’t even read any of his books. I... Read On

Friends With Money

Friends With Money – Review

This is the story of four women who have been friends all of their adult lives and the effect money has on their relationships as they reach early middle age. Frannie (Cusack), Jane ( McDormand) ... Read On

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