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Mad Detective

Mad Detective – Review

Detective Bun (Lau Ching-wan) has an uncanny ability; he solves crimes by intuition rather than logic by reliving the moment of crime. He asks young officer, Ho Kan-on (Andy On) to zip him inside ... Read On

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I Do : How to get married and stay single

I Do : How to get married and stay single – Review

Luis (Chabat) has turned forty and he’s not only still single, but his mother’s still doing his washing. He’s not worried about this, but the committee of women (mother and sisters) running the fami... Read On

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Ghosts of Cit Soleil

Ghosts of Cit Soleil – Review

Towards the end of the violent and ruthless rule of President Aristide of Haiti, gangs known as the Chimères – or ghosts – are running around the slums of the capital, Port-au-Prince, using fear and... Read On

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Sleeping Dogs – Review

One night while at college Amy (Page Hamilton) commits a sexual indiscretion with her dog. Years later her fiancé (Johnson) suggests they tell each other their darkest secrets, things they have neve... Read On

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The Wedding Date – Review

Kat (Messing) can't bear the idea of attending her sister's wedding alone, particularly as the best man is her ex. To make him jealous, she hires professional escort Nick (Mulroney) to accompany h... Read On

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In 1917, five siblings are sent to stay with an eccentric uncle in the country, while their parents help the war effort The housekeeper bans them from the greenhouse, but their curiosity gets the bet... Read On

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