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Wedding Daze

Wedding Daze – Review

Anderson’s (Biggs) proposal to Vanessa (Blaser) doesn’t quite go to plan: she drops dead in the restaurant, from shock. Not your typical opener for a romantic comedy. Understandably, it’s a while be... Read On

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Notes on a Scandal

Notes on a Scandal – Review

When new teacher Sheba (Blanchett) arrives at school, she finds it hard to control the children. Fearsome battle-axe Barbara (Dench) takes her under her wing and makes sure the kids show her respect... Read On

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Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Scenes of a Sexual Nature – Review

One sunny summer’s afternoon on north London’s vast and varied open space, Hampstead Heath, seven couples are coming together, falling apart or just continuing existence. In no particular order, ... Read On

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Its All Gone Pete Tong

It’s All Gone Pete Tong – Review

Wilde by name, wild by nature – Frankie Wilde (Kaye) is the loudest, rudest, cockiest, richest, most successful and most popular DJ in Ibiza. He has everything – the trophy wife Sonja (Magowan), ... Read On

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SAVED – Review

Deep in the heart of the US bible belt, Mary (Malone) is shocked when her high school best friend tells her he’s gay. Weighing up the odds, she concludes it’s best to try to “convert” him, even if it... Read On

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Karen (Gellar) moves to Japan to live with her student boyfriend, Doug. She gets work as a carer with an agency. When a colleague fails to turn up for work, the agency sends Karen to help an elderly ... Read On

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