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Chatroom – Review

Five London teenaged geeks seek refuge in online chatrooms. William (Aaron Johnson) is a cantankerous teen who’s fed up of living in the shadow of his perfect older brother and their successful... Read On

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The Losers

The Losers – Review

Colonel Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is leading his team of commandos on a mission to kill a ruthless Bolivian drugs baron when he realises they’ve been set up. Dozens of children are killed and ... Read On

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Centurion – Review

Quintus (Fassbender) is centurion in the Roman army, stationed at the empire's most northerly point, on the border with Scotland. Based on intelligence from insiders north of the border, he's s... Read On

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A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway – Review

Newlyweds Cliff (Zahn) and Cydney (Jovovich) are island-hopping around Hawaii for their honeymoon. They stop for a couple of tattooed, matted-haired hitch-hikers with an attitude problem (Hemsworth ... Read On

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Moon – Review

Astronaut Sam (Rockwell) is just a couple of weeks away from the end of a three year solo-mission at a moon-base, overseeing the mining of a material that provides cheap and clean fuel back home on ... Read On

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Frozen River

Frozen River – Review

Ray (Leo) is a single mother, trying to make ends meet in a dead-end job after her husband left her. Her home is a small caravan, in the north of New York state – with nothing but a Mohawk reservati... Read On

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Year One

Year One – Review

Back in prehistoric times, men had to be hunter-gatherers to thrive, apparently. So if you were just one or the other, you'd never find the woman of your dreams. Well - at some unspecified point... Read On

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Pour Elle: Anything For Her

Pour Elle: Anything For Her – Review

Julien (Lindon) and Lisa (Kruger) are very happily married, living in a comfortable apartment with their young son Oscar (Roch). Life couldn’t be better. Getting ready to go out, Lisa pulls a coat o... Read On

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Surveillance – Review

When a local serial killer strikes again, FBI agents Elizabeth Anderson (Ormond) and Sam Hallaway (Pullman) head to a small-town police station to interview witnesses to the most recent attack. The ... Read On

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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th – Review

Back in 1980, at a summer camp known as Crystal Lake, a young boy called Jason was drowned. His mother killed all those she believed was responsible, except one - who killed Jason's mother with a m... Read On

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