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Palindromes – Review

Twelve year old Aviva secretly harbours the desire to be a mother. On a visit to a family friend, she sneaks upstairs to “play” with the other couple’s son and gets herself pregnant. Her mother (Bar... Read On

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Melinda & Melinda

Melinda & Melinda – Review

A group of writers is dining at an upscale New York bistro, musing on the nature of life - is it fundamentally tragic or comic? The comic writer (Shawn) believes it's ultimately tragic, but his tra... Read On

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White Noise – Review

When Jonathan Rivers' (Keaton) wife Anna (West) is murdered he gets a visit from Raymond Price (McNeice) who claims to have received messages from his dead spouse via Electronic Voice Phenomenon (E... Read On

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Without a Paddle – Review

At the funeral of a childhood friend, Jerry (Lillard), Tom (Shepherd) and Dan (Green) decide to honour his memory by going on the treasure hunt he’d always dreamt of. It’s the first time they’ve see... Read On

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HERO – Review

A mysterious warrior (Li) arrives at the tightly guarded palace of the king of Qin province to announce that he’s slain the king’s three main adversaries The warrior goes into graphic detail, describ... Read On

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