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Basic Info


Stephen Green


My name is Stephen Green and I am interested in being considered for any 3rd AD, Floor Runner, Location Assistant/Runner, Production Assistant/Runner, Researcher or general production administration positions available for projects both at present and in the future.

I am keen to apply my skills and knowledge from my degree, work experience and volunteer positions to become involved with responsible production projects, to contribute and to get further experience with the various day-to-day developments of running a creative production office, coordinating studio and location shoots, and to learn further into the practises that occur with media industry production and development.

Currently based in the West Midlands, and already having freelance experience in film and event production, I am keen to build on my production experience, working with and supporting the production team and crew both on set and in the office workplace.

If you have any opportunities or projects, questions or queries then please message me.




United Kingdom



Clapper, Production Assistant, Researcher, Runner

Relavent Skills

Support crew with set up for the day, providing refreshments throughout
Liaising with clients, subjects and venue staff for shooting requirements
Movement, storage and sheltering of equipment, keeping areas accessible
Location management, maintaining area safety, preventing public intrusion
Set communication, distributing call sheets, keeping production crew updated


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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
Short Film Evolution/Genius/Unlimited Pixel Revolution Films Production Assistant 2015
Short Film Conditioning Wythwanell Productions Production Assistant 2015
Short Film Conditioning Wythwanell Productions Production Assistant 2015
Corporate NHS - Can You Hear Me? Can You See Me? Lastindependent Sound Assistant 2014
Short Film To Live For Wythwanell Productions Production Assistant 2014
Commercials Chanel Mystery Woman Pixelloft Limited Runner 2013
Feature Film All That Remains Pixel Revolution Films Production Assistant 2013
Documentary Coca-Cola Street Games HSI Runner 2013
Feature Film Own Worst Enemy Wythwanell Productions Camera Assistant 2013
Feature Film David Vaughan: Black on Canvas Donkey Stone Films/Rubber Goat Films Production Assistant 2011
Corporate RAC Recruitment Video ESA Films Limited Production Runner 2009
Feature Film Helen Desperate Optimists Production Assistant 2007
Short Film Joy Desperate Optimists Production Assistant 2007