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Catogory Title Director My Role Year
Theatre A Medieval Christmas 1285 Laura J Production Company 2013
Theatre The Great Gale of Brixham 1866 Laura J Production Company 2012
Theatre The Musketeers And The Pirates Production Company 2012
Theatre The Wooing of Isabella Natasha Marie Eyre Production Company 2012
Short Film Filming for BBC 2 Escape to the Country subject of filming for clips 2012
Theatre The Knights Templar at Brixham Museum co-production company 2011
Theatre The Barbary Pirates Laura Jury Productin Company 2011
Theatre The Opening of Pirates Of The Carribean; On Stranger Tides co-production company 2011
Theatre Improv pirate street theatre and combat workshops Laura Jury Production Company 2011
Theatre The Lost Templar Fleet Laura J Production Company 2011
Theatre A Tale of Two Cities The Panto Louise German Production Company 2011
Theatre Gentleman Of The Road Laura Jury Production company 2010
Theatre The Squires Temptation production company 2009
Theatre The Trial Of Anne Bonney And Mary Reed Production company 2009
Theatre Troy the Panto Louise German Production company 2009
Theatre Brixhams Castle John Fabian Supplying actors and cast 2008
Theatre The Court Of King Arthur Laura Jury Production company 2008
Theatre Robin Hood The Panto Laura Jury Production company 2007
Theatre The Ballad Of Resurrection Bob Laura Jury Production company 2007
Feature Film The Tale of Reverend John Prince Production company! 2006
Documentary BBC Spotlight Casting. costume supply 2006
Theatre Royal British Legion Armistice Concert poetry reading, short play 2006
Theatre Les Miserables: The Memoirs of Jean Valjean Laura Jury Production company 0