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Just Go With It – Review

Just Go With It – Review

Years after big-nosed trainee surgeon Danny (Adam Sandler) walks out on his wedding after overhearing his bride boasting about sleeping with another guy on her final night as a single woman, he ha... Read On

Funny People – Review

Funny People – Review

George Simmons (Sandler) used to be funny. Then he sold out and went from a sharp stand-up comedian to the kind of big-budget movie star who’s become known for playing such roles as male mermaids ... Read On

You Dont Mess with the Zohan

You Dont Mess with the Zohan – Review

OK – take a deep breath. Here we go – Zohan (Sandler) is Mosad’s top agent – famed by Israelis, feared by Palestinian militants. He can pretty much keep Hamas and Islamic Jihad at bay with one hand,... Read On

Reign Over Me

Reign Over Me – Review

Alan (Cheadle) is a cosmetic dental practitioner – struggling with everything from a marriage lacking in emotion, the frustration of helping rich New Yorkers look nice and an insane stalker of a pat... Read On

The Longest Yard – Review

When fallen American football star Paul (Sandler) is caught drink-driving, he’s jailed to make an example of him. The ruthless prison warden (Cromwell) tells him life inside will be easier if he tra... Read On


Spanglish – Review

Hispanic single-mother Flor (Vega) gets a job as maid to a wealthy LA chef John (Sandler) and his materialistically shallow wife Deborah (Leoni). No-one in the family speaks Spanish and she doesn’... Read On