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Take Me Home Tonight

Take Me Home Tonight – Review

It’s the late 1980s and Matt (Topher Grace) is a highly intelligent and highly qualified graduate from the prestigious MIT university. But he never put his education to good use and ended up worki... Read On

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Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel

Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel – Review

Theme-park employees Ray (O’Dowd), Toby (Wootton) and Pete (Kelly) head to the pub after a hard day’s work, during which Ray was sacked for scaring the children and Toby and Pete were humiliated, ha... Read On

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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend – Review

After a brief but exciting courtship, Matt (Wilson) decides that his girlfriend Jenny (Thurman) is a little too neurotic, demanding and jealous for his liking, so he decides to end it. He should hav... Read On

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Just Friends – Review

Chris (Reynolds) was the fat kid that everyone picked on at his small-town school – everyone except Jamie (Smart), the most beautiful cheerleader, who was the target of the affections of the school ... Read On

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