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The Artist

The Artist – Review

In late 1920s Hollywood, George (Jean Dujardin) is unquestionably the biggest film star of his time. But his star is fading. His time is ending. The film industry is discovering sound and studio ... Read On

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All About Steve

All About Steve – Review

Kooky crossword compiler Mary (Bullock) is too busy working to settle down and find a man. She thinks her job is all she needs anyway, until a careers talk at a local primary school makes her realis... Read On

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Southland Tales

Southland Tales – Review

Much of middle America has been destroyed by a nuclear attack and the government’s taking advantage of the resulting paranoia by clamping down on pretty much everything. It’s all go in Los Angeles t... Read On

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Factory Girl

Factory Girl – Review

Aspiring artist – and wealthy heiress – Edie Sedgwick (Miller) leaves her best friend Syd (Hatosy) behind in sleepy Cambridge Massachusetts to seek her fortune in the Big Apple. Her Manhattan-based ... Read On

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