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Planet Terror

Planet Terror – Review

Pole-dancer Cherry (McGowan) quits her job and finds herself in a run-down barbecue shack where ex boyfriend El Wray (Freddy Rodriguez) turns up out of the blue. Meanwhile, at an army base up the ro... Read On

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Die Hard 4.0

Die Hard 4.0 – Review

New York cop John McClane (Willis) has had yet another falling out with his cantankerous estranged teenaged daughter Lucy (Winstead). While driving around on the night shift to try to cool off, he g... Read On

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Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation – Review

When the bosses of a major US burger chain discover that shoddy work practices at its main processing plant could be leading to cow dung getting into the meat, they dispatch head of marketing, Don (... Read On

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Perfect Stranger – Review

When investigative reporter Rowina Price (Berry) learns her friend’s murder might be connected to powerful ad executive Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis), with the help of her colleague Miles Haley (Giov... Read On

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16 Blocks

16 Blocks – Review

One line of dialogue pretty well sums up the plot, as a young lieutenant hands a file to an ageing, alcoholic cop, Jack (Willis): “You have 118 minutes to get a little haemorrhoid 16 blocks” – the h... Read On

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Sin City

Sin City – Review

One of Hollywood’s most celebrated multi-hyphenates, Robert Rodriguez, brings some of Frank Miller’s “Sin City” graphic novels to the big screen. After a brief liaison with Harnett’s gun-for-hire... Read On

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