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Archives / Starring / Bruno Ganz

The Reader

The Reader – Review

In 1950s Berlin, a sickly young Michael (Kross) is helped home by a kindly bus conductor Hanna (Winslet) when she sees him being sick in the street. When he’s better, he returns to thank her and a p... Read On

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Youth Without Youth

Youth Without Youth – Review

Eastern Europe. The 1930s. Dominic (Roth) is an elderly linguistics professor, whose one last aim is to complete his theory on the development of language before he dies. On a bitterly cold night, h... Read On

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Downfall – Review

This tells the story of the downfall of Hitler (Ganz) – his last few days in his Berlin bunker, as the Russians closed in and the war and his life drew to a close. Through the eyes of his secreta... Read On

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