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Archives / Starring / Burt Reynolds

The Longest Yard – Review

When fallen American football star Paul (Sandler) is caught drink-driving, he’s jailed to make an example of him. The ruthless prison warden (Cromwell) tells him life inside will be easier if he tra... Read On

The Dukes of Hazzard – Review

Cousins Bo (Scott) and Luke (Knoxville) have enemies in law enforcement looking for any excuse to trip them up. Bo is gearing up to take on a big-shot racing driver in the Hazzard rally when they di... Read On

Without a Paddle – Review

At the funeral of a childhood friend, Jerry (Lillard), Tom (Shepherd) and Dan (Green) decide to honour his memory by going on the treasure hunt he’d always dreamt of. It’s the first time they’ve see... Read On