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Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne – Review

Pushing 50, shop-worker Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is laid off by a company that’s decided to invest only in staff with a college education. They’re thinking about the future, you see. Stunned and ... Read On

Talk To Me

Talk To Me – Review

In 1960s Washington DC and when young radio executive Dewey Hughes (Ejiofor) visits his brother in prison, he hears the jail DJ, mouthy Petey Greene (Cheadle) and tells him to “look him up” when he ... Read On

The Honeymooners – Review

Bus driver Ralph (The Entertainer(!)), is struggling for cash and keeps coming up with made get-rich-quick schemes. Every time he comes up with a mad idea, he ropes in his neighbour and friend, sewe... Read On

Madagascar – Review

Alex the lion (Stiller) basks in the glory he gets as the top attraction at New York’s zoo. But Marty the Zebra (Rock) is tired of all the attention. When he catches a group of penguins trying to di... Read On

Be Cool

Be Cool – Review

The hardman-turned-movie-mogul we met in Get Shorty, Chili Palmer (Travolta), is bored of the film business. While music producer Tommy (James Woods) is pitching him a film idea, he's gunned down b... Read On