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Antichrist – Review

While a psychotherapist (Dafoe) and his wife (Gainsbourg) are having sex in their high-rise apartment, their toddler climbs out of his cot, toddles into the dining room, climbs onto the table, toddl... Read On

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I Do : How to get married and stay single

I Do : How to get married and stay single – Review

Luis (Chabat) has turned forty and he’s not only still single, but his mother’s still doing his washing. He’s not worried about this, but the committee of women (mother and sisters) running the fami... Read On

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Lemming – Review

No wonder Alain (Lucas) has become flavour-of-the-month at the Pollock electronics firm: he’s worked out how to strap a set of remote-controlled mini helicopter blades to the top of a webcam. The ow... Read On

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