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Four Lions

Four Lions – Review

Omar (Riz Ahmed) is a family man, living with his loving wife (Preeya Kalidas) and young son, working as a security guard at a Yorkshire shopping centre. Oh – and he’s the leader of an Islamic fun... Read On

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The Infidel

The Infidel – Review

When Muslim minicab driver Mahmud Nasir (Djalili) is clearing up his mother’s east London home after she dies, he finds documents showing that he was adopted. On further investigation, he’s horri... Read On

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Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll – Review

As we join this biopic of the legendary British punk entertainer Ian Dury, he's rehearsing downstairs at home, with his first band, Kilburn & The High Roads, while his wife Betty (Williams) is givi... Read On

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Tormented – Review

At the funeral of an overweight, picked on schoolboy, Darren (Dean), the school’s goody-two-shoes head girl Justine (Middleton) is reading a eulogy when Darren’s one friend, Jason (Alexander), start... Read On

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