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Jack Said

Jack Said – Review

Undercover cop Jack (Phillips) has infiltrated an east end gang, headed by the ruthless, gravel-voiced Guv’nor (Reid), whose daughters Natalie (Walker) and Natasha (Keatley) are being lined up to ta... Read On


Straightheads – Review

City executive Alice (Anderson) takes a liking to the young lad fitting a security alarm at her posh London pad, Adam (Dyer), so she invites him to her boss’s party at his mansion in the country. On... Read On

Outlaw – Review

When Bryant (Bean) returns from a stint in Iraq he arrives home to find his wife with another man. Disillusioned he goes to a hotel where he meets security chief Hillier (Harris), who befriends him ... Read On

The Business – Review

When Frankie (Dyer) ends up on the wrong side of the law in 1980s London, a friend sets him up with an ex-pat gang-boss at his Costa del Sol bar. Gangster Charlie (Hassan) takes Frankie under his wi... Read On