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Archives / Starring / Danny Glover

Death at a Funeral

Death at a Funeral – Review

A funeral is always an emotional time for a family, but when Aaron’s (Chris Rock) father dies, no-one can be prepared for the disasters that ensue. From the wrong body being delivered, to family ... Read On


2012 – Review

Lowly US government scientist Adrian Helmsley (Ejiofor) discovers that flares from the sun are causing the Earth’s core to heat up. He manages to persuade cabinet minister Carl Anheuser (Platt) that... Read On


Blindness – Review

When a Japanese man suddenly goes blind at the traffic lights, a kindly passer-by helps him home, before speeding off in his car. The Japanese man goes to see an ophthalmologist (Ruffalo) who has no... Read On

Honey Dripper

Honey Dripper – Review

Tyrone (Glover) runs the Honeydripper Lounge, a traditional bar in rural Alabama in 1950; traditional in that the live music is old-time blues and no-one in town is the slightest bit interested in c... Read On


Dreamgirls – Review

When budding 1960s soul trio the Dreamettes lose a local talent contest, local car salesman Curtis (Foxx) steps in to offer them a break to the big time, filling in as back-up to James Early (Murphy... Read On

Manderlay – Review

During a stop-over on their journey through the southern states, Grace (Howard) and her gangster father (Dafoe) discover a cotton plantation where the white owners are still using black slaves, afte... Read On