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Archives / Starring / David Bradley

Another Year

Another Year – Review

Gerri (Ruth Sheen) and Tom (Jim Broadbent) are an unusually content – almost smugly so – middle-class London couple, with a grown-up son Joe (Oliver Maltman). Gerri’s an NHS psychotherapist. Tom’... Read On

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I Know You Know

I Know You Know – Review

Single father Charlie (Carlyle) moves into a pokey, dilapidated flat on a Welsh council estate with his eleven year old son, Jamie (Fuller). Charlie knows most of the people on the estate – some... Read On

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Harry Brown

Harry Brown – Review

Harry (Caine) is an ageing war veteran who lives in a sprawling, run-down, high-rise council estate. When we first meet him, his walk – through an underpass – to visit his dying wife in hospital – i... Read On

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