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Archives / Starring / Drew Barrymore

Going The Distance

Going The Distance – Review

Garrett (Justin Long) is a hip young exec at a small Manhattan record label. He’s a bit of a loser in love and as we meet him, he’s getting dumped for believing a girlfriend who told him he didn’t... Read On

Everybodys Fine

Everybody’s Fine – Review

Frank (De Niro) is a recently widowed retired telephone engineer who’s just been diagnosed with the kind of medical condition that – along with his bereavement – is making him reconsider what he w... Read On

The Perfect Catch

The Perfect Catch – Review

Boston mathematics teacher Ben (Fallon) takes a group of his pupils on a field trip to visit a local business leader, Lindsey (Barrymore), who uses maths in her everyday work. He’s instantly smit... Read On