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Valkyrie – Review

Nearing the end of the Second World War, Hitler's not doing too well on the eastern front and a group of dissident Nazis - both military and civilian - are plotting to overthrow him. After a failed... Read On

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Across The Universe

Across The Universe – Review

In this Beatles-themed musical, 1960s Liverpool shipyard worker Jude (Sturgess) quits his job, packs a bag and heads to the United States to find the father who returned home after the war, leaving ... Read On

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Oceans Thirteen

Oceans Thirteen – Review

Moneyman Reuben (Gould) ends up in hospital after he suffers a severe heart attack when he’s cheated by a business partner in a new hotel – Willie Bank (Pacino) takes his money but writes him out of... Read On

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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend – Review

After a brief but exciting courtship, Matt (Wilson) decides that his girlfriend Jenny (Thurman) is a little too neurotic, demanding and jealous for his liking, so he decides to end it. He should hav... Read On

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The Wild – Review

Set in the New York Zoo, Samson (Sutherland) the respected lion leader one day finds his teenage son Ryan has run away to the wild after a major row. Samson then goes in search of him accompanied by... Read On

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In 1917, five siblings are sent to stay with an eccentric uncle in the country, while their parents help the war effort The housekeeper bans them from the greenhouse, but their curiosity gets the bet... Read On

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