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Archives / Starring / Eric Christian Olsen

The Thing

The Thing – Review

When a team of Norwegian scientists find the body of an alien encased in ice, beside a crashed space-craft, buried deep beneath the surface of Antarctica, their leader, Sander (Ulrich Thomsen) rec... Read On

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The Back-Up Plan

The Back-Up Plan – Review

Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) is pushing 40, desperate for children – and, of course, single. As a former high-flier who’s now running a successful pet-shop, money is not a problem, so she’s opted for a sp... Read On

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Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning – Review

Rose (Adams) has fallen a long way since being the most popular and successful girl in school, with the most popular and successful guy on her arm. She’s now a single mother, making ends meet as ... Read On

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