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Austenland – Review

Austenland – Review

Director: Jerusha Hess - Starring: Keri Russell, JJ Feild, Bret McKenzie, Jennifer Coolidge, James Callis, Georgia King, Jane Seymour, Ricky Whittle, Rupert Vansittart... Read On

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One Day

One Day – Review

It’s the 15th of July, 2006 and Emma (Anne Hathaway) is riding her bike through London. We flash back 18 years to the day and by seeing what happens in her life on this date in each interim year,... Read On

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Tormented – Review

At the funeral of an overweight, picked on schoolboy, Darren (Dean), the school’s goody-two-shoes head girl Justine (Middleton) is reading a eulogy when Darren’s one friend, Jason (Alexander), start... Read On

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The Duchess

The Duchess – Review

It’s the eighteenth century and a bunch of young men and women are playing kiss-chase in the grounds of the Althorp Estate – remember Althorp? We’ll be returning to that theme later. One of the youn... Read On

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