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Archives / Starring / John Henshaw

The Angels' Share

The Angels’ Share – Review

Luck is running out for unemployed Glasgow youngster Robbie (Paul Brannigan). He's just been convicted of assault and is facing jail time. But when his lawyer tells the court he's about to beco... Read On

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In Our Name

In Our Name – Review

With the evident stress that soldiers encounter during a tour of duty in the theatre of war, it’s not surprising that bonds will be forged between them. After a tour in Iraq, Suzy (Joanne Frogga... Read On

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Looking for Eric

Looking for Eric – Review

Eric (Evets) is a middle-aged Mancunian postman, constantly depressed with regrets about his life – not least how he left the love of his life – his first wife – Lily (Bishop). The two remotely-r... Read On

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