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Archives / Starring / Josh Hutcherson

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games – Review

It's seventy five years since the Capitol put down a violent rebellion by peasants living in the twelve outlying districts. To remind the peasants who's in charge, every year the authorities pi... Read On

The Kids are All Right – Review

The Kids are All Right – Review

This isn’t your typical middle-American family, but it could well be, they way they carry on. Over the years, free-spirit Jules (Julianne Moore) has aspired to many things – right now, she’s an ... Read On

Little Manhattan

Little Manhattan – Review

Gabe (Hutcherson) is having problems with his relationship with Rosemary (Ray) – he loves her so much that his stomach hurts. At the very thought of losing her, he cries like a kid – but then, that’... Read On