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Archives / Starring / Natasha Richardson

The Wildest Dreams

The Wildest Dreams – Review

In 1924, legendry British explorer, George Mallory, and his assistant, Andrew Sandy, vanished as they tried to reach the top of Mount Everest. They were seen alive just 800 feet from the peak. ... Read On

The White Countess – Review

The White Countess – Review

Working from an original screenplay by Kazuo Ishiguro, the film, set in 1930's Shanghai, tells the thoroughly uninteresting story of the relationship between a former American diplomat (Ralph Fiennes), and a deposed Russian countess (Natasha Richardson).... Read On


Asylum – Review

Psychiatrist Max (Bonneville) arrives to take up a position as “number two” at a secure hospital in 1950s England. His wife Stella (Richardson) doesn’t fit into this highly controlled environment... Read On