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Archives / Starring / Oliver Platt

Please Give

Please Give – Review

Kate (Catherine Keener) and Alex (Oliver Platt) run a furniture shop, selling vintage items they’ve bought from families of the recently deceased. Along a similar theme, they’ve already bought th... Read On


2012 – Review

Lowly US government scientist Adrian Helmsley (Ejiofor) discovers that flares from the sun are causing the Earth’s core to heat up. He manages to persuade cabinet minister Carl Anheuser (Platt) that... Read On

Year One

Year One – Review

Back in prehistoric times, men had to be hunter-gatherers to thrive, apparently. So if you were just one or the other, you'd never find the woman of your dreams. Well - at some unspecified point... Read On


Frost/Nixon – Review

We've just said goodbye to an American president who really divided the nation. Arguably one of the few presidents to have left power under more of a cloud was Richard Nixon (Langella), who you'll... Read On

Kinsey – Review

Kinsey – Review

In 1940s America, anthropolgist Alfred Kinsey (Neeson) shocks fellow academics when he turns his time and resources to a study of the sexual activities of men. By interviewing thousands of men acros... Read On