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The Reader

The Reader – Review

In 1950s Berlin, a sickly young Michael (Kross) is helped home by a kindly bus conductor Hanna (Winslet) when she sees him being sick in the street. When he’s better, he returns to thank her and a p... Read On

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The Duchess

The Duchess – Review

It’s the eighteenth century and a bunch of young men and women are playing kiss-chase in the grounds of the Althorp Estate – remember Althorp? We’ll be returning to that theme later. One of the youn... Read On

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In Bruges

In Bruges – Review

Things didn’t go quite right for hitman Ray (Farrell) on his first job, so his old-timer partner Ken (Gleason) is ordered to take him to lie low for a while in Bruges. For Ken, the Belgian break is ... Read On

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The White Countess – Review

The White Countess – Review

Working from an original screenplay by Kazuo Ishiguro, the film, set in 1930's Shanghai, tells the thoroughly uninteresting story of the relationship between a former American diplomat (Ralph Fiennes), and a deposed Russian countess (Natasha Richardson).... Read On

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The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener – Review

Career diplomat Justin (Fiennes) falls for a mouthy anti-capitalist campaigner Tessa (Weisz), when she heckles him during a speech. They’re soon married, and she follows him on a placement to Ken... Read On

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