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Archives / Starring / Rufus Sewell

The Tourist

The Tourist – Review

They don’t come much more elegant than Elise (Angelina Jolie), a gorgeous woman in gorgeous clothes, swanning around gorgeous cities, like the paramour of a fugitive billionaire tax exile, with de... Read On

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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace – Review

Towards the end of the 1700, there’s a growing feeling that perhaps the Slave Trade isn’t as defensible as it once was. Hull MP William Wilberforce (Gruffudd) has frequently failed in his attempts t... Read On

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The Holiday

The Holiday – Review

Iris (Winslet) is the society reporter at the Daily Telegraph – spending her life writing about everyone else’s happiness, while she wallows in her unrequited love for a former beau Jasper (Sewell... Read On

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Triston & Isolde – Review

it about? Tristan (James Franco) is a great knight, who was raised by English leader, Lord Marke (Rufus Sewell), who is trying to unite the English tribes against the Irish. Tristan has a secret... Read On

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