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Ted – Review

John Bennett was bullied as a young boy and had no friends to call his own. When he received a new teddy for Christmas one year, he wished it could talk, so that he'd finally have a friend. Hi... Read On

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Safe House

Safe House – Review

Junior CIA officer Matt (Ryan Reynolds) is getting fed up with his Cape Town posting. He oversees a safe house where enemy agents can be questioned, but no-one's been brought in for a year. He'... Read On

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Green Lantern

Green Lantern – Review

Hal (Ryan Reynolds) is America’s greatest fighter pilot and he’s hired by his ex-girlfriend Carol (Blake Lively) and her father to show off a new piece of military equipment they’re trying to sell... Read On

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Buried – Review

It’s dark. Pitch black. Heavy breathing. A cigarette light flickers. Paul (Ryan Reynolds) looks around him the best he can. He can hardly move. He appears to be in a coffin. The last thing he can... Read On

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Just Friends – Review

Chris (Reynolds) was the fat kid that everyone picked on at his small-town school – everyone except Jamie (Smart), the most beautiful cheerleader, who was the target of the affections of the school ... Read On

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Blade Trinity – Review

Over the years, Blade (Snipes) has killed hundreds of vampires and their human helpers. Not believing in blood-suckers, two FBI agents arrest him for mass murder. Meanwhile, some vampires have just ... Read On

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