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Archives / Starring / Stephen Campbell Moore

The Children

The Children – Review

Elaine (Birthwistle) takes her husband Jonah (Campbell Moore), two young kids and teenaged daughter from a previous marriage Casey (Tointon) to her sister Chloe's (Shelley) beautiful country home, ... Read On

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The Bank Job

The Bank Job – Review

Small-time 1970s London car-dealer and garage-owner Terry (Statham) is deep in debt to a bunch of gangsters who send the heavies round to smash up his cars to remind him just what’ll happen to him i... Read On

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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace – Review

Towards the end of the 1700, there’s a growing feeling that perhaps the Slave Trade isn’t as defensible as it once was. Hull MP William Wilberforce (Gruffudd) has frequently failed in his attempts t... Read On

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The History Boys

The History Boys – Review

It’s the late 1970s and a group of Yorkshire schoolboys have just secured straight As in their A-levels. Their headmaster (Merrison) is determined to boost the school’s reputation by getting the boy... Read On

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A Good Woman – Review

Wealthy American Robert (Umbers) and his new bride Meg (Johansson) arrive on the Amalfi coast, where they settle in among the ex-pat community. Chief among them are a group of aging, amiable toffs –... Read On

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