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The Big Year

The Big Year – Review

American bird-watchers - or birders, as they prefer to be called - indulge in what they call the "Big Year" - a competition to see who can spot the most species of birds during a calendar year. ... Read On

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Its Complicated

Its Complicated – Review

Ten years after their divorce, Jane (Streep) and Jake (Baldwin) bump into each other at the anniversary party of a couple who got married in the same year that they did. They’re polite to each other... Read On

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Baby Mama

Baby Mama – Review

When she realises that by being the youngest woman in the boardroom, she'll end up the oldest woman outside the schoolgates, supermarket executive Kate (Fey) realises it's time to have a baby. But... Read On

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Shopgirl – Review

Mirabelle (Danes) is a smalltown girl, who’s moved to LA to seek her fortune. She’s ended up working in a shop, selling gloves. OK, so it’s the poshest department store in Beverly Hills, but a shop,... Read On

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