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Archives / Starring / Tina Fey

Date Night

Date Night – Review

Phil (Carell) and Claire (Fey) are a typical suburban couple, just about managing to keep their head above water as they struggle to get their kids to school on time and to bed on time. But howev... Read On

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The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying – Review

In a world where no-one lies – not because everyone’s virtuous, but because the idea of telling an untruth has simply not yet occurred to anyone – Mark (Gervais) writes films. But in such a world... Read On

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Baby Mama

Baby Mama – Review

When she realises that by being the youngest woman in the boardroom, she'll end up the oldest woman outside the schoolgates, supermarket executive Kate (Fey) realises it's time to have a baby. But... Read On

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Man of the Year

Man of the Year – Review

Chat-show host Tom (Williams) decides to stand for president, not for one minute expecting to win. But he does. As he comes to terms with his unexpected career move, Eleanor (Linney), who works for ... Read On

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