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Brad Pitt

Academy honours Oscar nominees at annual luncheon

Academy honours Oscar nominees at annual luncheon

Most of this year's Oscar nominees have been the guests of honour at an exclusive luncheon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel - an annual event at which the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences brings the nominees together for...

Melancholia tops National Society critics awards

Melancholia tops National Society critics awards

Months after being thrown out of Cannes for his controversial comments about being able to identify with Hitler, the Danish director Lars von Trier has won the top prize handed out by a body of American reviewers. The National Society of Film Critics has picked the apocalyptic psychological drama M...

The Artist takes top critic prizes in New York

The Artist takes top critic prizes in New York

The New York Film Critics Circle has picked a black-and-white French film that pays homage to silent movies as it's best film of 2011. The Artist was directed by Michel Hazanavicius, who was named as the best director. As the film awards season steps up a gear, and voting members of the...


Moneyball – Review

Baseball prodigy Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) is one of those sportsmen who, having failed to match the high expectations everyone had of him, ends up in management. But rather than becoming a coach, b...

Brad Pitt: Success, Money and Fame

Brad Pitt: Success, Money and Fame

Brad Pitt is arguably the most famous actor in Hollywood, but one could argue that the source of his fame was not his superb acting talent, but his handsome look...

Brad and Angelina fire up Toronto

The crowd in Toronto went crazy last night when Hollywood royal couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie emerged from their limo and glided down the the Royal Thompson Hall red carpet. Waving their hands and smiling, the couple obligingly signed autographs and shook hands with the swooning fans.Pitt was...

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life – Review

In the beginning, God created the universe. Then he made stars and planets. Then he put life on earth - not sure about other planets, but certainly on earth, as we see it developing in The Tre...

Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds – Review

The Second World War is in full swing. Colonel Hans Landa‘s (Waltz) reputation precedes him. Not for nothing is he known as “The Jew Hunter.” He can sniff them out. So when he turns up at a remot...

Burn After Reading (15) US/UK (Working Title) 95 mins

Burn After Reading – Review

CIA agent Osbourne Cox (Malkovich) is having a bad week. When he gets home and tells his cold-hearted, unfaithful, miserable snob of a wife Katie (Swinton) that he’s been fired, it’s all she needs t...

Ocean's Twelve

Ocean's Twelve – Review

Smooth, big time crook Danny (Clooney) has to come out of retirement when the casino boss he robbed turns up with an ultimatum: return his money or die. He reforms the gang and sets off to Europe...

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