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George Clooney

LFF announces 2011 programme

LFF announces 2011 programme

The London Film Festival has announced its 55th programme.The outgoing Artistic Director Sandra Hebrons final festival will start and finish with Rachel Weisz films 360, by Fernando Meirelles, and Terence Davies The Deep Blue Sea and include two Gala presentations starring George Clooney the poli...

New BFI Fellow Danny Boyle ends another two week festival of film in London

New BFI Fellow Danny Boyle ends another two week festival of film in London

Jason Korsner reports 2 November 2010 The organisers of the London Film Festival say this year's event had an outstanding British presence - including the opening and closing night galas. The festival got off to a glittering start with Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go - adapted from Kazuo Ishiguro'...

Up In The Air

Up In The Air – Review

Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) is a high-flying executive, whose job is to do what corporate bosses don’t have the guts or the hearts to do: firing employees. He does it by falsely promising the vi...

The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Men Who Stare at Goats – Review

Bob Wilton (McGregor) is a small-time reporter from a small-town, trying to make his mark. He can’t even impress people with an interview with a former soldier who claims to have been part of a s...

Burn After Reading (15) US/UK (Working Title) 95 mins

Burn After Reading – Review

CIA agent Osbourne Cox (Malkovich) is having a bad week. When he gets home and tells his cold-hearted, unfaithful, miserable snob of a wife Katie (Swinton) that he’s been fired, it’s all she needs t...


Syriana – Review

This is a political thriller about the Oil business and the people, who are entangled in it. Bob Barnes (George Clooney), a CIA agent, is asked to assassinate Prince Nassir, the heir of an oil-ri...

Ocean's Twelve

Ocean's Twelve – Review

Smooth, big time crook Danny (Clooney) has to come out of retirement when the casino boss he robbed turns up with an ultimatum: return his money or die. He reforms the gang and sets off to Europe...

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