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morgan freeman


RED – Review

Frank (Bruce Willis) is an aging, former CIA agent surviving on his pension cheque. The only kicks he gets out of life are from flirting with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), the woman at the benefits...

The Dark Knight – Review

The Dark Knight – Review

The new district attorney, Harvey Dent (Eckhart) is cleaning up Gotham City. Finally, the crime-ridden metropolis has a white knight it can look up to – a hero it can praise for putting the gangs...

Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone – Review

Boston police are searching for a missing, four year old girl, Amanda McCready. She's only been gone for three days, but as Captain Doyle (Freeman) points out, after the first day, the chances o...

Batman Begins – Review

Batman Begins – Review

Young Bruce Wayne falls down a disused well, while playing with his friend Rachel, in the grounds of his billionaire father’s stately home. He finds himself in a cave, alone, except for hundreds ...

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