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Tony Scott

British director Tony Scott dies in suspected suicide

British director Tony Scott dies in suspected suicide

The movie business in Hollywood and the UK has been shocked by the apparent suicide of one of Britain's most internationally successful film directors, Tony Scott. He threw himself from a suspension bay into the harbour at Long Beach in southern Los Angeles County. He followed his older brother, Si...


Unstoppable – Review

In small-town Pennsylvania, the railroad is shedding its older staff and the likes of old-time engineer Frank (Denzel Washington) regard rookie conductor Will (Chris Pine) with suspicion. The fact...

The Taking of Pelham 123

The Taking of Pelham 123 – Review

New York Subway worker Walter (Washington) has spent years working his way up the ladder and reached a managerial role, but allegations against him have seen him bumped back down to work on the de...


Domino – Review

Spoilt little rich girl Domino Harvey (Knightley) is taken to live in the United States when her actor father dies. She becomes a bit of a rebel and throughout her education, she never really fits...

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