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Links available (in Blue) with new & old work being made available…

Commercial & experimental, lens-based, moving-image work.

All work by TCH and collaborators.

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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
Short Film The Lady from Shanghai TCH T. Chen Post 2019
Web Site The Eternal Painting Project (TEPP) TCH Maker 2018
Short Film The Good Samaritan (gorefest) NFTS Chris Goodman Production Supervisor 2018
Short Film Loose Leaves NFTS Virginia Popova Performance 2017
Documentary IDIOM ProductionTCH TCH Producer 2016
Video PXL / Experiments (unedited) ProductionTCH2 TCH film maker 2015
Documentary The Blue Black Hussar Sunrise Pictures Jack Bond HD Cameraman 2014
Feature Film Looking For Jacob Met Films Mike Jones Production Manager 2013
Short Film 123456 TCH TCH film maker 2013
Short Film looks like me! TCH TCH film maker 2012
Short Film Me Too! TCH TCH film maker 2012
TV Hidden BBC / Origin Pictures Niall MacCormick Coordinator 2011
Editorial The Nolhy Way is Essex ProductionTCH TCH film maker 2011
Documentary London Vampires TCH TCH Producer / Director 2011
Short Film Towie vs. Sindy TCH TCH film maker / puppeteer 2011
Short Film Colette PaperGlass Nicola Morris Production manager 2010
Animation T & V (1/3) TCH TCH film maker 2010
Music Video Neverending Damian Lazarus Vanessa Whyte production manager 2009
Short Film Blackwater NFTS Konstantinos Frangopoulos Production Manager 2009
Short Film Why dont you dance? NFTS Marius Olteanu Production Manager 2009
Music Video Trojan Guitar Hot Leg Tristan Daws Production Manager 2008
Short Film The Retreat NFTS Tom Green Production Manager 2008
Short Film Not Another Tarantino Movie S C Productions Editor 2007
TV Various: live, TV shows Bang Media London TCH Producer / Director / Camera 2007
Corporate Sound tester Digital Mixes (Thailand) Alex Boyesen Lighting Cameraman 2006
Music Video Feeder Gcap Media /XFM Cameraman 2006
Music Video Goldfrapp Gcap Media /XFM Cameraman 2006
Music Video Kasabian Gcap Media /XFM Cameraman 2006
Music Video Manic Street Preachers Gcap Media /XFM Cameraman 2006
Music Video Primal Scream Gcap Media /XFM Cameraman 2006
Music Video Tenacious D Gcap Media /XFM Cameraman 2006
Music Video The Kooks Gcap Media /XFM Cameraman 2006
TV GameBox Hype TV TCH film maker 2006
TV The Baby Channel RDF / Simply media TCH Studio Director 2006
Short Film Gas Polaris productions Sylvie Bolioli Location Manager 2006
Music Video Athlete Gcap Media /XFM Alex Boyesen Cameraman 2005
Music Video John kennedys\' X-posure Gcap Media /XFM Cameraman 2005
Music Video Kaiser Chiefs Gcap Media / XFM Cameraman 2005
Music Video Keane Gcap Media / BBC Cameraman 2005
Music Video Supergrass Gcap Media / XFM Cameraman 2005
Music Video The Towers of London Gcap Media /XFM Cameraman 2005
Music Video UB40 Capital Gold / GCap Cameraman 2005
TV Sunday Sport TV Yoo Media Plc TCH Producer / Director 2005
Corporate Juiced Sweet Cameraman 2004
Music Video Serial Shagger Tom Tom Gallery TCH Editor / Director 2004
Short Film Thong Genocide Tom Tom gallery TCH Editor / Director 2004
TV London Fashion Week Hollywood TV TCH film maker 2004
TV Quiz TV HSN various Vision-mixer 2004
TV Gamerweb Friendly TV TCH Studio Director 2003
TV Hot Chat Friendly TV TCH Director / Vision mixer 2003
TV Stash The Cash Friendly TV TCH Director / Vision Mixer 2003
Video No think WAE TCH Editor / Sound design 2002
Short Film A little Death CCCU TCH film maker 2001
Short Film AsH Elegant Beats Camera assistant 2001
Short Film DVH CCCU Camera assistant 2001
Commercials Impulse Kodak Editor / sound designer 2000
Corporate Review RCTV TCH Videographer 2000
Short Film DeReal TCH film maker 1999
Short Film Revolution / Help the Homeless UOP - Cameraman / Assistant 1999
Music Video Fruit Farm UOP Cameraman 1999
Short Film Circadia TCH film maker 1998
Short Film Inside Out TCH film maker 1997
Documentary Pompey Rangers UOP film maker 1997
Short Film Wearing hats and pointing at things Collaboration TCH & MWH film maker / performer 1996
Documentary Manchester On Air WFA media & cultural centre film maker 1995
Short Film Space TraXX Suffolk College of Art & Design TCH film maker 1994
Short Film NSPCC TCH film maker 1994
Short Film MTV Blows Me Away TCH TCH film maker / performer 1993
Short Film Greenpeace TCH film maker 1992
Short Film Abused by the Sales TCH film maker 1991