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Trevor Tall


http://WWW.TREVORTALL.COMIn 1969, Trevor Tall was born. Six months after that birth, Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot upon the moon.Trevor mispent his youth aiming to become Arsenal’s first fat footballer. When the puppy fat dropped off him, he decided that he would be better off stepping into Ian Botham’s shoes at Somerset Cricket Club.In the early eighties, Trevor was talked into buying “All Mod Cons” by The Jam. Suddenly, cricket went out of the window. Only pop stardom would do for young Trev!In 1988, Trevor played his first solo gig at “Heroes & Zeros” in High Wycombe. With no notice, he filled in for an absent support band and played all nine songs he knew.Trevor honed his talent writing songs and playing numerous gigs. During this time he wrote a handful of classics and played a few great gigs. He fronted bands with terrible names such as; Uneasy Times, Groovey People, Bitter End and Vast (!). A patchy demo was dispatched to record companies to a “Not too bad” response. Clearly there was talent there. In 1994, he attained a level where he felt he deserved success rather than just wanted it.Gigs as Trevor Tall & The Shades of Colour Band followed, along with a batch of stunning new songs. Simultaneously, he formed the duo Collins & Tall with another luminary of the Buckinghamshire scene. An astonishingly good demo, “We Won’t Let You Sleep”, drew lots of interest but no record deal.Fantastic gigs at venues such as “The Hope & Anchor”, “The Mean Fiddler” and “The Old Trout” (Don’t look for it, it isn’t there any more!) followed. They supported the likes of Travis, John Otway, Nine Below Zero and even a Genesis tribute band!A Collins & Tall song appeared on the compilation CD “Pig-The New Breed” and was chosen in every review as the stand out track. At this point, Trevor ceased solo activities to concentrate on Collins & Tall. They then recorded the album, “Filthy Con” which received an even better reception, including a four star review in Melody Maker. More superb gigs on the back of the album confirmed the duo as too good to be unsigned.The pressure grew at the appalling lack of record company recognition and Collins & Tall imploded in the summer of 2000.Trevor spent the immediate months after the break-up recording the sound track to “All Futures Past” – a Respectable Films production.Now the way is left clear for Trevor to let loose the solo album that has long been burning a hole in his pocket.Ian Wood (March 03).**You may well be wondering who I am to Trevor Tall; well I was at his first, shambolic, gig. I drove him home that night to get his guitar. Over the years, I watched him change from clumsily entertaining, to genuinely good. I loved aspects of Collins & Tall, but always found myself going back to Trevor’s solo demos. I just hope he doesn’t let me down because I really believe this solo album could be fucking awesome.


22 whitefield lane, great missenden, hp16 0bj, South East, United Kingdom







Folk, Indie, Pop, Rock

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Trevor Tall


trevor tall

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The Black Horse, Great Missenden – Sunday 28th November – Tel: 01494 862537, The Red Lion, High Wycombe – Friday 17th December – Tel: 01494 536901, The Queen's Head, Chesham – Monday 27th December – Tel: 01494 778690, The King's Head, Prestwood – Saturday 15th January – Tel: 01494 868101


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