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Heard about a new pub just opened in Ventura and as I was spending the weekend down the road in Oxnard and I’m always on the lookout for a new pub I thought I’d give it a try.
 At first look the aptly-named Barrelhouse 101 seems like a beer drinker’s paradise. Boasting 101different draft beers because it is not far from the 101 freeway (clever, huh?) it has plenty of stools at the bar, a friendly bar staff and hordes of thirsty customers.  But—and it’s a big but—anyone wanting one of the diverse selection of beers has to take their chances on what comes out of the tap.
   From what I saw it was mostly froth. The staff struggled gamely to fill customers’ glasses with beer but more often than not they ended up with pints of froth and not much else.
   Wine, though, was a different matter. Barrelhouse 101 stocks very little wine but what they have they are particularly generous with. There is only one chardonnay costing $6 for a huge glass which holds what looks to be about one-third of a bottle…and it is full.
   I’ll be back at Barrelhouse next time I’m in Ventura. But I’ll give the frothy beer a miss and stick to wine. 



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