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Mel Gibson in

Very few people have noticed but Mel Gibson has a new movie out. It can’t be seen in cinemas because it has gone straight to video-on-demand despite it being a relatively lavish action film that has received good reviews from critics who managed to see it. .
  Get the Gringo, a $20-million, south-of-the-border crime drama set in a Mexican prison, stars Gibson, who also financed it himself. 
  But in addition to—and maybe because of—his legal problems, his anti-Semitic rants and accusations of physical abuse, Gibson has struggled at the box office recently. Last year, The Beaver failed to gross even $1 million, and the year before, his $80-million drama Edge of Darkness sold just $43.3 million in tickets in the U.S.
  In “Get the Gringo” Gibson plays a character known as Driver, a veteran criminal thrown into a squalid Mexican prison. The film’s jail is patterned after El Pueblito, a notorious correctional facility in Tijuana that operated as its own city, with guns, drugs and prostitution readily available. “You can buy anything,” one character says in the film, “except your way out.”
  It’s a sentiment that Gibson is learning to his cost.



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