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  Judy Lewis – the secret love child of film stars Clark Gable and Loretta Young, who conceived her on the set of The Call of the Wild in the 1930s – has died of cancer aged 76.
  Lewis revealed in her 1994 memoir Uncommon Knowledge that she was conceived in 1935 when Young, 22, and the married Gable, 34, were shooting the classic movie.
  Young, a single Catholic woman, concealed her pregnancy and placed her daughter in an orphanage at eight months. She brought her into public view at 19 months, saying she was her adopted child.
  Terrified her secret would come out, Young did all she could to cover up clues about her daughter’s origins. There are no photographs of Lewis up to the age of two. Up to seven they show her wearing a bonnet.
  Lewis recalled: ‘My ears stuck out, just like my father’s did. So I had plastic surgery when I was seven. My surgeon had told my mother that an operation of this nature was extremely painful.
‘He suggested it should wait until I was older. But she insisted.’ 
  Lewis saw her father, who died in 1960, only once, when she was 15.



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